Our Classes

Adult classes

6:30 - 8pm TTh at Minuteman Regional High School. You can begin at any time. Register here, or call the Minuteman Community Education office (781.861.7150) to begin in the middle of a session.

Kids classes

6:00 - 7:30 pm on Wednesdays, also at Minuteman. Register here.

Class Description

We begin our classes with a brief period of seated meditation to center the breathing and calm the mind. This begins the integration of mind and body. We then move on to stretching, ki exercises and basic techniques with partners.

As a beginning student, you’ll be taught proper technique for forward and backward falls and rolls. Emphasis is on safety and comfort. During the first few weeks, you’ll also learn basic Japanese terminology and techniques in preparation for your first belt examination.

As your skill level increases, you’ll be introduced to more advanced throws and techniques. There is ample opportunity for weapons training and freestyle (randori).

Our commitment is to provide high quality instruction to our students.